Welcome to Oswal

Oswal has been a coveted brand for suiting and shirting for decades. Our brand’s core strength lies in its ability to consistently deliver world class quality products to its consumers for every occasion. We believe that every fabric tells a story - our fabrics display elegance, opulence, class, and chic in style and design which has made us the preferred choice of over millions of consumers. Oswal has been dressing integrity with its khaki range since its inception in 1977 and has been a brand which goes with a strong legacy of making a statement and impression.

A manufacturer of repute, Oswal is a name synonymous with limitless possibilities – a remarkable attribute that has made us the preferred fabric supplier and the pride of India. Since 2010, we have been adding a wide range of men’s wear ranging from cotton, linen, wool, poly-cotton, and continuously keep doing so to keep our legacy flying high.


Our Products